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Betaine hydrochloride

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Product Detail
Betaine Hydrochloride is a quaternary ammonium salt, lactone alkaloids, with active N-CH3 and within the structure of fat. It take part in the biochemical reaction of animal and provide methyl, it is helpful to the synthesis & metabolism of protein and nucleic acid. Improve the metabolism of fat and increase the flesh and improve immunologic function, and adjust the penetration pressure of animal and help to the growth.

Main Usages

1. Betaine Hydrochloride partly take the place of methionine and choline chloride, thus greatly lower the cost and increase both the lean meat rate and the quality of meat.

2. Betaine Hydrochloride the meat quality and quantity will be greatly increased.  Heighten immunization, disease-resistance, anti-stress ability and Diarrhea incidence-reduction of animals.

3. Betaine Hydrochloride helps increase the survival rate of young fish and shrimps by means of improving the digestive system under serious situations.

Physical and Chemical Property

Betaine hydrochloric acid salt: White crystal with moist absorption property, pH=0.8~1.2.

Application Scope

Suitable to be mixed with the feed for aquatic products and livestock and poultry.

ContentLoss on dryingResidue on ignitionAsHeavy Metal Trimethylamine residue
97%≤1.0%≤2.0%≤2.0mg/kg ≤10mg/kg≤300ppm
98%≤0.5%≤0.2%≤2.0mg/kg≤10mg/kg ≤300ppm

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Usage and Amount

.Firstly premix betaine with a small amount of raw feed material, then compound it into premixed material or mixed feed.


It should be sealed and stored at a cool place.

Shelf Life

24 months (sealed).


Packed in 25kg composite plastic film bags.