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Feed Mould Inhibitor

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Product Detail

Feed Mould Inhibitor

The product is a broad spectrum bactericide that formulated with propionic acid, formic acid, citric acid and their salt and synergist by scientific method. Through special buffering treatment, it can alleviate the irritant, kill and inhibit various mold and fungus, prolong the storage period of feed and guarantee quality of feed. It has clearly shown that the feed have better retarding mildew function than that of other domestic products through storage experiment.

The product has its special characteristics of adaptability, appropriate volume weight, lasting action and less dust etc..

Ingredient and Specification
Products include two specification:
compound calcium acid type;
compound acid type

Main Index    
Compound Calcium Acid Type: total acid ≥ 30%; total calcium ≥ 5%
Compound Acid Type: total acid ≥ 30%

Application Effect
Avoid the disadvantages of single propionic acid such as narrow antibacterial spectrum, poor retarding mildew and mass additive amount.
Inhibit various mould and fungus, effectively prevent animals from bacteria poisons.
Prolong the storage time of feed, it can play a role in retarding mildew in high temperature and humidity.

Application Scope
Livestock, poultry and aquatic animal

Usage and Amount
Mix product with small feed, then add it into compound feed

Recommended Additive Amount(Unit:g/t)

Differences of Temperature Between Day and Night (°C)Relative Humidity (%)Usage Amount
10°Cunder 80500
15°Cunder 80800
above 801000
20°Cunder 801000
above 801500

Packaging & Shipping

Storage  It should be sealed and stored in a dry place.
Shelf Life 12 months (sealed)
Package 25 kg three-in-one composite plastic film bag