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Oil Emulsifier

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Product Detail

Oil Emulsifier

Feed Oil Emulsifier

high efficient fat digestion and absorption promotor for swine, poultry and aquatic

1. With biological activity fat emulsifier;

2. It can decrease the feed cost

3. Protect the animal health.

  Runeng is a patent product of Longchang Company, its main ingredient is 30% bile acid—main active ingredient of bile. In the hepatoenteral circulation, while fat was emulsified, bile acid compounded with fatty acid to form the lipid-soluble complex, which made fat be digested and absorbed.

  All the biochemical reaction of the body, especially the enzymic reaction, occurred in water solution. The fat couldnt enter into the enzymatic hydrolysis until it was emulsified and formed into fatty acid—bile acid complex.

  Because of hepatoenteral circulation is not whole closed, the insufficient of endogenic secretion of bile acid becomes the main factor that influences the digestion and absorption of the fat. So using Runeng can get the following benefits:

1. To improve the activity and make up for the insufficient of the endogenic emulsifier; to enhance the utilization of fat, so that fat dosage of the basal diet could be reduced 15—30%;

2. To promote energy metabolism and improve the carcass quality, the carcass yield rate was increased 0.8—1.5%;

3. To protect the liver and gall, adjust the secretion of cortical hormone and improve immunity, which could decrease the breeding cost and increase economic benefits.


Poultry200--300g/ton feed
Swine400--500g/ton feed
Fish300--400g/ton feed
Eels400--800g/ton feed
Other crustacean500--1000g/ton feed

Packing: 20kg/bag.

Shelf life: 24 months

Storage:  Stored in shaded dry, cool place with good ventilation.